Adj. Prof. Timo O. Korhonen




APPENDIX 3 List of publications relating especially closely to the applied post


  1. Vesa Riihimäki, Timo Korhonen, Tapio Väärämäki: Technoeconomical Inspection of WiMAX Based High Speed Internet Connection for Trains, IET Intelligent Transport Systems, p. 322-331, March 2008 download link


  1. Tapio Väärämäki, Timo Korhonen, Edward Mutafungwa: Wireless Telecommunications in Railways - Case Flash-OFDM, Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit ’07, pp. 122-129, 2008 download link


  1. X. Wang, and T. Korhonen, "Barriers of Implementing Applicable Remote Health Care System in China" in World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, (Munich, Germany), IFMBE Proceedings, Springer, 2009, pp. 318–321. download,


  1. Jantunen, T. Korhonen, J. Hämäläinen, M. Husso, E. Mutafungwa, M. Pekkola, X. Wang, and Z. Zheng, "User-centric design of mobile & remote health care and safety services and supporting technologies for China and Finland", in OASIS 1st International Conference, (Florence, Italy), 2009 download


  1. STAE 2020 Part I – Teknologies (STAE=Sotatekninen arvio ja ennuste, Estimate and Forecast of Warfare Technologies), Finnish Defence Forces, 2004. Author of the following chapters: Access Networks, Telecommunication Services, and Optical Telecommunications.


  1. Jantunen, J. Hämäläinen, T. Korhonen, H. Kaaja, S. Boldyrev, and J. Jantunen, "System Architecture for Mobile-phone-readable RF Memory Tags", submitted, download

  2. Xirui Wang, Mika Husso and Timo Korhonen: Medical Cloud Enabled Ubiquitous Health System, submitted download


Consultation Works


1 Arto Karila, Timo Korhonen, Reijo Salminen, Tapio Väärämäki: Broadband in Public Transportation Vehicles  (feasibility study of applicable services/technologies), ÄLLI-publications 01/2008.  Consultation Study funded by Uusimaa Regional Council. (http://www.ytv.fi/ENG/facts/frontpage.htm). download link


2 Klus, John, Sinko Matti, Söderqvist, Minna, Hirvikallio Matti, Jones, Mervyn, Korhonen, Timo, Montesinos Patricio, Soeiro, Alfredo: TKK Dipoli International Peer review report 30.11.2007 (EFQM modeling of Dipoli Adult Education Center functions, customers and products), download


MSc Studies (s): Supervisor, (i): Instructor


1.     Laine Janne: Evaluating The Business Value of Information Technology  (I) download

2.     Smura Timo: Economic Feasibility of Point-to-Multipoint Fixed Wireless Access Networks (S) download

3.     Vartiainen Juha: Progressive ICT-Services on Trains (S,I) (Intelligent transport Systems – ITS-Finland awarded MSc study of the year) download

4.     Koivuniemi Kari: The Effect of Virtual Enterprises on Business-to-Business Integration (I,S) download

5.     Kuusinen Kati: Integrating Human-centered Design into Product Development Process (S) download

6.     Ran He: E-leadership Strategy in Virtual Organizations and Virtual Teams (I,S) download

7.     Nykänen Mikko: Innovative Design of General Lighting LED Luminaries  (I,S) (Venture Cup Finland awarded work) download

8.     Stjerna Jori: The Destination Control System in Japan And China  (S) download

9.     Jossas Juha: Managing organizational change in enterprise resource planning system implementation (S)

10. Fernandez Anna: Meeting Users Requirements in Virtual Organizations (S,I)

11. Säntti:Petra: Developing Corporate Knowledge Management Through Social Media (S)

12. Pahkala Severi: Media Galleries in Mobile Devices - Guidelines for Aiding Future Products Decisions (S)

13. Harju Marita: Benchmarking Process as a Part of Risk Identification (S)

14. Hyytiäinen Maria: User experience and development in network community (S,I)

15. Punkari Paavo: Developing off-shored incident management process (S)

16. Raitakari  Ilona: Unified Communications (UC); Converging ICT Infrastructures for Enterprise e-collaboration (S)

17. Saarenpää Jouni: E-learning course production process analysis (S)

18. Kariola Mikko: Defining the Horizontal Customer Interface of the DX 200 Platform (S)

19. Relas Asko: Developing Intranet Portals: A Usability Perspective  (I)

20. Helsten Tiina: Testing Audio-visual Quality of Smartphones (S)

21. Ahopelto Jaakko: Web Bank's Usability (S)

22. Elemo Henri: Defining Software Configuration Management for Product Development (S)

23. Isotalo Niko: Proactive fault management in mobile core network  (S)

24. Erke Tuomas: Failure Spread in Redundant UMTS Core Network  (S)

25. Kuivalainen Mats: Interfacing product data management system  (S)

26. Nevalainen Jouni: Design of User Interface for Net Supported Educational Environment of Statistics  (S)

27. Henttonen Teppo: Telecommunication Network Planning Guides for Paper and Pulp Industry Sites (S)

28. Kuusinen Anni: Human stereopsis, stereoacuity and web-based test for assessing stereo threshold (S)

29. Öörni Risto: Economic feasibility of road and public transport ITS applications in Finnish conditions (S)


Instructed BSc Studies:


1 Kuikka Sanna: Design of Corporate Strategy for Virtual Organizations using User Centric Paradigm ( Virtuaaliorganisaation strategian käyttäjäkeskeinen suunnittelu) download 


2 Pulkkinen Ilari: Unambiguity of User Centric Design (Käytettävyystutkimuksen yksiselitteisyys) download


4 Tulensalo Maria: User centric development of quality system for virtual organizations (Virtuaaliorganisaation laatujärjestelmän kehittäminen) download


3 Rämänen Jussi: Anesthesia equipment requirements specification and their transfer to product concept (Anestesialaitteen vaatimusten käsittely ja käytettävyystutkimuksen tulosten siirtäminen tuotteeseen) download