Adj. Prof. Timo O. Korhonen

APPENDIX 2b: Short description of important properties of the applicant relating to the open post

In the position call the following expected candidate properties are underlined:

(i) Teaching abilities, (ii) Wide expertise in telecommunication technology and economics, (iii) Verified scientific work, and (iv) Experience in management of wide projects.

Also, in the call it is mentioned that human centric communications refers here especially to organizations:

“Objective of the post is in research and teaching of information networks as complex economical and technological human centric systems. Human centricity refers in this call to inspection of information network technology from organizational (or large number of users) point of view. … … Post includes management of forthcoming major: Communication Ecosystems”

 The following summarizes applicant’s merits in the aforementioned requirements:

(i) Teaching abilities: Lectured courses and vision of teaching are described in A2d.

(ii) Wide expertise in telecommunication technology and economics:
Technology: Publications in cross-layer design, spread spectrum, optical communications, power-line communications and various topics in internet technology. Instructed PhD study, working as opponent in PhD studies and MSc studies: A5
Economics: Publications as detailed in A3, instructed MSc thesis’s. UBI-SERV ’09-’11 project that I’m currently project manager of. The project has strong orientation of human centric communications and economics (see also http://ubiserv.blogspot.com/). Project related publications can also be inspected in its homepage. Especially organizational usability and economics is researched in publications, consultation works, MSc and BSc studies as well as in invited lecturing as depicted in A5.

(iii) Verified scientific work: Published work is documented in Appendixes 2a (CV), and 5 (List of Publications). I have acted as EU FP7 - Expert Evaluator & Rapporter for FP6 and worked in TPC of a large number of conferences and scientific publications as can see in CV.

(iv) Experience in management of wide projects: I’m responsible currently project manager of UBI-SERV project '09 - '11 and have managed LED-PLC project ‘03-‘06 and WomEqual ‘06-‘07 projects in Communications Laboratory/Comnet. UBi-SERV (total budget is 410 000 Euro) and LED-PLC are/were funded by Finnish Academy of Science and WomEqual was funded by European Union ESR – funding instrument.

Communication Ecosystems Major
As such, Human Centric Paradigm requires multidisciplinary approach in order to yield truly applicable value network and business case analysis. This should be obtained simultaneously with verified academic standards. Current development of Aalto University forms a solid base for relating teaching and research arrangements.
Most of the required theoretical topics are already presented way or another inside of Aalto community. Also, several experimental platforms are in place as especially manifested by the three Factories of Aalto namely Media (TaIK), Service (HSE) and Design Factory (TKK). The Author is a member of Aalto Entrepreneurship development group. Some major points of Aalto integration development are discussed in my presentation to visiting Vietnamese industry delegates (Appendix 5: Invited lecturing). The actual structure or major should be decided starting from initial draft made in Comnet. Then it should be discussed with Aalto partners. A joined focus group should be formed together with industry and societal funding institutions. This would also strengthen mutual research cooperation relating to the new major.

Outline of author’s connections to companies and organizations:

•    Nordic Centre of Fudan University, Shanghai – Prof. Chen Jie
•    FinPRO, TEKES Shanghai – Fin-Chi Center: Director Ding Hebo
•    Fudan University, Shanghai – Director Martin Bech
•    Peking University, Peking – Prof. Yuping Zhao
•    Polytechnico Torino, Italy – Ms Sara Tarditi
•    Jordan University, Amman (JUST) – Prof. Mohammad Banat
•    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)- Naoki MURATA (Executive Director)
•    Aalto entrepreneurship group (1)
•    Associates of UBI-HEALTH’10 Technical Program Committee (TPC) (2)
•    UBI-SERV project associates, including many operational contacts in TKK and VTT (State Research Institute of Finland) as manifested by UBI-SERV project start-up workshop and in Wihta - cooperation UBI-SERV-blog
•    ESR – Consortium of Creative Finland (Luova Suomi) – Author is project’s steering group member (associated MSc study is in completion state: Timo Romppainen: Using Social Media In Management of Virtual Organizations)
•    Dipoli peer-review committee report
•    Work in TPC:s of international conferences CV
•    Partnerships with course associated S-72.3510 companies A2d
•    Participation to power-line communications standardization work (IEEE P1901)


(1)  Members: Pirjo Hirvonen, Juha Varto (TAIK), Peter Kelly, Jussi Autere, Timo Korhonen (TKK), Paula Kyrö, Arto Lahti, Markku Virtanen, Pentti Mustalampi (HSE)

(2)  TPC Members: