Adj. Prof. , PhD, Timo O. Korhonen is affiliated with Aalto University Finland via Telecommunication Technologies. He worked ‘90-‘92 in Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand in a five person team of Finns who established The Division of Telecommunications in AIT. He got PhD in Aalto University, Finland in 1999. In addition to telecommunication technology, he has worked with eHealth, usability / service design and organization development issues.  
He organized and chaired UBI-HEALTH 2010 Conference in Shanghai, China . He has also worked in several International Conference Technical Program Committees as for instance in WPMC, Globecom and ICC. He has worked as a reviewer for several international scientific journals as Electronics Letters and IEEE Transactions on Communications.  He works in editorial board of International Journal of Communication systems.
He has published over 70 international peer-reviewed papers which some of can be inspected in ResearchGate (over 400 publication citations in April 2016). He has worked in several projects funded by Technology Agency of Finland (TEKES), Academy of Finland or EU for which the more significant include  and . He has instructed over 100 MSc studies and three PhD studies. He works currently in medical data analysis in Helsinki University Hospital.  His homepage can be reached at .