International Workshop on Ubiquitous Healthcare
and Supporting Technologies 2010

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    Monday 31st  of May 2010 Tuesday 1st  of June 2010 Wednesday 2nd  of June 2010    
  Shanghai World Expo: Finnish Pavilion & Nordic Lighthouse ZhangJiang Science Park (MAP) ZhangJiang Science Park  
  9:00-9:15      Keynote: Prof. Krista Varantola, Tampere Univ., Finland :
BioNext - program and associated models of cooperation
  9:15-9:30    Keynote: Dr Tapio Jokinen, Medixine Ltd, Finland:
Population based preventive e-care
  9:45-10:30   Keynote: Prof. Qin Gao, Tsinghua University, China: Providing support for older people with mobile applications:
usability and sociability
Keynote: Dr Yongjian Bao,
GE Health care: Standard-based Data Exchange in Regional Health Information Network
  10:30-10:45 FIHTA/OSKE Programme
Coffee Break   10:30-10:45  
  10:45-11:45   Session 1A
Designing New eHealth Services
Session 2A
Emergency Telemedicine and
 Pervasive Services
  11:45-13:00   Lunch 11:45-13:00  
  13:00-14:00   Tutorial: Dr Vesa Pakarinen, State Research Centre, Finland:
HL7 Development overview (
Tutorial: Prof. Adj. Pekka Ruotsalainen, THL Finland:
Trusted eHealth and eWelfare Space
  14:00-14:15 Nordic Lighthouse:
Prof. Adj. Timo Korhonen,
Aalto University, Finland
  14:15-14:45 Keynote: Prof. Li Baoluo:
From e-Hospital to e-Health: Oppurtunities in China
  Coffee / Tee Break 14:30-14:45  
  14:45-16:15 Tutorial: Dr Timo Itala,
Aalto Univ., Finland:
Applying Business Process
Modeling Notation (BPMN) in Healthcare
Session 1B
Health Sensors and Networks
Session 2B
Healthcare Management
  UBI-HEALTH'10 Round Table Act  Tutorial: Prof. Tony Ghaye,
Reflective learning, UK: Engaging elderly people to develop technology-assisted service
  16:15-19:30 Sharing Health &
Welcome and Networking

Nordic Lighthouse
  UBI-HEALTH'10 Dinner   17:45-19:30  
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Accepted regular papers
Tuesday June 1, 2010

10:45–11:45 1A: Designing New eHealth Services

Chairing Prof. Qin Gao, Tsinghua University 
Activity-Driven Information Analysis – Designing Personal Ubiquitous Health and Wellbeing Systems
M. Toivanen, J. Mykkänen, M. Korpela

Co-Ordination Support Through Transparency (COSTT): Real-Time Use of Sensor Data to Improve Workflow in the Perioperative Domain
A. Faxvaag, A. Seim, P. Toussaint

Developing Mobile ICT for Improved Health; Safety and Well-Being Together with Elderly People - Experiences From the Myhealth@age (2008-2010) Project
A. Melander-Wikman, B. Bergvall-Kåreborn, T. Ghaye, L. Lundin-Olsson

Development of User-Centred E-Health for Persons with Severe Mental Disorders,
M. Välimäki, H. Hätönen, L. Kuosmanen, M. Koivunen, M. Anttila, A. Pitkänen

14:45–15:45 1B: Health Sensors and Networks
Chairing Dr. Vesa Pakarinen, VTT

Add-on 5 kHz Inductive Link for Mobile Phones Using Audio Port
I. Jantunen, S. Siikavirta, V. Nässi, T. Korhonen, J. Kaasinen

Design and Implementation of ECG detection method based on HHT
D. Ye, C. Qiao, B. L. Jiao, Y. P. Zhao

Development of a 12-Lead Electrocardiogram Interpretation System Via Zigbee
C. C. Kuo, H. Y. Liao

Cooperative Data Dissemination for Telecare Systems Via Wireless Pervasive Networking
X. H. Peng

Wednesday June 2, 2010

10:45–11:45 2A: Emergency Telemedicine and Pervasive Services
Chairing Prof. Yuping Zhao, PKU

UBIeCall: Automated Emergency Calling for Medical Emergencies Using Standard Ecall Solutions
E. Mutafungwa, T. Korhonen

Automatic Emergency Telemedicine System in Mobile Communication Network
S. Zhou, Y. P. Zhao, B. L. Jiao

Concept of a Communication Middleware for Ambient Assisted Living Environments
K. Renhak, M. Federspiel, J. Seitz, H.-P. Schade

State of the Art on Pervasive Service Computing
J. H. Zhou, J. Riekki, M. Ylianttila, J. Y. Zhou, F. L. Tang, M. Y. Guo

14:45–15:45 2B: Healthcare Management
Chairing Mr. Timo Itälä, Aalto University SoberIT

A Regional Model for Healthcare Information Sharing in China
J. C. Jiang, M. Korpela, J. Mykkänen

Studying the Applicability of Methods – Activity Driven Needs Analysis Applied to Maternity Pathway in Pudong; Shanghai
I. Luukkonen, M. Korpela, A. Mursu

Applying Dual Model for Achieving Better E-Health in China
Y. Han, T. Itälä, M. Hämäläinen

The Telehealth Models and Current Legal Issues in Taiwan
J.-Y. Chen